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The HealthyCapital Approach

HealthyCapital’s innovative program combines physical and financial wellness into one personalized application, which utilizes actuarial data to illustrate how “losing that pound” or “taking that walk” translates into real savings that can be dedicated to any current or future expenses.

In simple terms, getting healthy is good for the body and the bank account (and ultimately, long-term financial goals).

About Us

Assist Organizations by Reducing Their Healthcare Expenditures:


By using this unique, integrated financial-wellness platform, benefit consultants can help clients reduce medical expenditures and offer savings opportunities for their employees.

Health Plans

HealthyCapital primarily focuses on individuals who have been diagnosed with the most prevalent and expensive health conditions; their success measurably reduces health-related expenditures, providing a unique advantage in the marketplace for health plans and their members.

Financial Institutions

Through the program’s wellness initiatives and education, financial institutions can help plan participants increase contributions to fund expenses (both today and in retirement).

Wellness Programs

The opportunity to add financial wellness (via API) to existing products and services is the necessary differentiator to exceed organizational goals.

Subsequently, Providing Healthcare Cost Benefits To:

Plan Sponsors

The program helps employees reduce their healthcare costs by illustrating the financial benefits of positive lifestyle changes. The additional disposable income (from reduced medical expenses) can then be dedicated to short- or long-term personal goals – whether it’s a new car, a vacation, or a more comfortable retirement.


HealthyCapital helps individuals understand the short- and long-term financial advantages of positive behaviors. Tangible financial incentives motivate users to complete small, simple goals, resulting in better health and more money in their pockets.

Meet George

Meet George…


George is 50 years old, suffers from high blood pressure, and occasionally takes his medication (when he remembers).

George recently started using the HealthyCapital app, which shows that if he takes his medication as prescribed, he can live longer and save an average of $3,000 annually in medical expenses, adding up to almost $10,000 by the time he is 65.*

Aside from providing traditional wellness features, the personalized platform helps George stay on track through a virtual health and financial coach, integration into his company-sponsored financial plans, and projections about his income needs through retirement.

In just a few minutes, George’s actions could:

Increase his life expectancy Lower his healthcare costs Increase his personal savings Lower his company’s healthcare expenditures

*Based on a 60/40 portfolio with a 6% net return.

White Paper

Motivating Individuals to Make Healthier Choices

Health & Retirement Savings

July 10, 2018

Encouraging working Americans to save more for retirement is a priority for employers, 401(k) plan administrators, and financial advisors. Despite attempts to motivate individuals to save more, contributions to 401(k) plans (as a percentage of worker income) have barely increased over the last two decades. Average 401(k) balances remain far below the levels many will need to maintain their standard of living in retirement, and one-third of workers have no retirement savings.

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