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HealthyCapital wins the Healthcare Revolution Innovation Award.

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About Us


HealthyCapital is a groundbreaking behavior-modification system that seeks to increase life expectancy and lower annual medical expenses through real-time data analysis.

In simple terms, the application shows how getting healthy is not only good for the body, but also for the bank account (and ultimately, their long-term financial goals).

About Us

Financial Institutions

HealthyCapital gives financial institutions the ability to effortlessly assist their plan participants in planning more accurately for healthcare costs in retirement through wellness education.

Plan Sponsors

HealthyCapital gives employers the ability to help their employees reduce their healthcare expenditures by becoming healthier and use their additional disposable Income to save more towards their retirement.

Wellness Programs

HealthyCapital provides an offering for the customers of wellness programs that provides simple steps towards healthcare savings through health plan adherence.

Meet George

Meet George…


George is 50 years old, suffers from high blood pressure, and occasionally takes his medication.

George recently started using a new application, which shows that if he takes his medications as prescribed, he can live longer and save an average of $3,000 annually in medical expenses, adding up to almost $100,000 by the time he is ready to retire.

The personalized platform also helps George stay on track with the assistance of a virtual health coach, who offers encouragement through a text messaging service.

In just a few minutes, George’s actions could:

Increase his disposable income Lower his company's healthcare expenditures Raise his 401(k) record-keeper assets under management (if he decides to invest)

White Paper

Motivating Individuals to Make Healthier Choices

Health & Retirement Savings

July 10, 2018

Encouraging working Americans to save more for retirement is a priority for employers, 401(k) plan administrators, and financial advisors. Despite attempts to motivate individuals to save more, contributions to 401(k) plans (as a percentage of worker income) have barely increased over the last two decades. Average 401(k) balances remain far below the levels many will need to maintain their standard of living in retirement, and one-third of workers have no retirement savings.

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