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A unique wellness app that measures how behaviors impact healthcare costs, giving participants the opportunity to save money through improved condition management.


About HealthyCapital

HealthyCapital is a unique app that measures how your wellness behaviors impact your health care costs. It also gives you the opportunity to save money on healthcare expenses by changing your behavior.

About Us

Assist Organizations by Reducing Their Healthcare Expenditures:


HealthyCapital helps employees reduce healthcare costs by illustrating the financial benefits of positive lifestyle changes. The additional disposable income (from reduced medical expenses) can then be dedicated to short- or long-term personal goals – whether it’s a new car, a vacation, or a more comfortable retirement.

Financial Institutions

Through HealthyCapital’s wellness initiatives and financial education, institutions can help plan participants invest the savings (gained from improved health) into products that can be used to offset current and future medical expenses.

Health Plans

Anyone can use HealthyCapital, but the application primarily focuses on individuals with one or more of the most prevalent and expensive health conditions because their success measurably reduces health-related expenditures. This approach offers a unique advantage for health plans and their members.

Wellness Programs

Wellness programs offer a host of benefits: however, most do not include one key motivator: a real opportunity to save money. Adding HealthyCapital’s financial wellness component (seamlessly via API) to existing products and services is a critical differentiator that will help users exceed organizational goals and reach new levels of achievement.


Benefit consultants who utilize HealthyCapital’s unique, integrated, financial-wellness platform can help clients improve employee health and reduce medical expenses, translating into substantial savings on healthcare spending.


HealthyCapital motivates individuals to embrace the short- and long-term financial advantages of positive behaviors. Tangible financial incentives inspire users to complete small, simple goals, resulting in better health, improved longevity, lower costs, and ultimately, more money in their pockets.

Meet George

Meet Pat


Pat weighed just over 400 pounds and exhibited a variety of unhealthy habits, including a severe lack of exercise (struggling to reach a daily goal of 500 steps). He took Toujeo, Metformin, Glipizide and Trulicity as prescribed to treat his chronic Type 2 Diabetes, but he failed to follow physician-recommended dietary changes. As suggested by HealthyCapital, Pat made daily adjustments to his lifestyle: he increased his daily goal by 1,000 steps every week and followed an ADA-recommended diet of reducing salt, adding fish and green vegetables, and limiting sugary desserts.


In three months, Pat saw a remarkable improvement to his health just by following these simple suggestions. He lost 64 pounds (16% of his body weight) and walked more than 10,000 steps each day. And he is no longer on any of his medications. That includes his 100 units insulin per day, which he once relied on! These cost savings are significant and provide him with more financial flexibility now that he doesn’t have to pay for these recurring prescription costs, all thanks to HealthyCapital.

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