About HealthyCapital

According to the 2012 National Health Interview Survey (NHIS), approximately half of all adults in the U.S. (117 million people) had one or more chronic health condition, and one in four adults had two or more. Looking forward, the projected costs for treatment of chronic diseases between 2016 and 2030 is a staggering $42 trillion.

Unfortunately, motivating people to adhere to a long-term behavior-management program can be challenging. Even something as simple as getting patients to properly follow their prescriptions can be a difficult task. (Recent surveys reveal 50% of Americans diagnosed with a chronic condition do not take their prescribed medication after six months.) As a result, healthcare costs increase and patient lives could be shortened.

HealthyCapital seeks to reverse this trend.

Our Mission and Vision


HealthyCapital applications incentivize individuals to make healthy choices leading to increased longevity, lower costs for all stakeholders, and an increase in retirement savings.


Our vision is to reduce the cost of healthcare for individuals and employers by using data to drive healthier behaviors.

Our History

HealthView Services

Founded in 2008, HealthView Services is the leading provider of retirement healthcare cost data, Social Security optimization, and long-term retirement planning tools for the financial services industry. The firm’s suite of tools are designed to prepare current and future retirees for the impact of retirement medical expenses.

The company’s signature service is an integrated retirement-planning platform that draws upon cost data from more than 70-million annual healthcare cases to create personalized estimates of retirement healthcare costs. The system equips financial institutions with the necessary tools and information to implement financial strategies that can help clients achieve retirement goals.


Mercy, founded in 1827 as “The Sisters of Mercy”, was named one of the top five large U.S. health systems in 2017 by Truven, an IBM Watson Health Company. Today, they serve millions annually and include 44 acute care and specialty (heart, children’s, orthopedic and rehab) hospitals with more than 800 physician practices and outpatient facilities, 40,000 co-workers and more than 2,100 Mercy Clinic physicians in Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma. Mercy also has outreach ministries in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas. A $6 billion healthcare system, Mercy has recently begun to address the medication and health-treatment adherence challenge. They founded the world’s first virtual care facility, which opened in 2015. The nationally recognized center is still the largest single-hub telemedicine center in the country today.


Mercy discovered HealthView Services through the company’s reputation for helping individuals prepare for retirement medical expenses through the financial services industry. Realizing the potential alignment between financial incentives and patient motivation, Mercy began to collaborate with HealthView Services to bring these two concepts together.

After two years of discussion and development, Mercy and HealthView Services are now working together to help individuals adhere to their health plans in order to increase their life expectancies, grow their disposable income, and dedicate extra savings to long-term investment products.