When Culture Change turns into Capital Gains

In any business an employers most valuable assets are their employees. Plenty of big businesses and career hopefuls today measure success on wealth, neglecting to recognize that the greatest asset they have is their life and the condition upon which they live it. When greater health initiatives sparked social revolutions in the early 2000’s no one could have imagined the effect it would have on the way we live our lives. The obesity epidemic lead to numerous initiatives that have since bettered the lives of  children and their families alike. The problem? Our work has only begun. While eyes have been opened to the implications of childhood obesity and the effect of healthy living on both our physical and emotional states, most companies and career hopefuls still find more benefit in monetary gain and social perception of that wealth over their health. In essence, the culture of our country has been built around the idea of what true wealth is, but the truth is that the best wealth you can have is your physical health, and when you pair the two together, the savings are limitless.

In business, culture is dependent on how well the team works and how productive they are together. When everyone in the team is doing their job correctly, productivity is high, but take someone out of the equation and bit by bit production will slow and earnings will be affected. When illness strikes a tight knit team it affects morale and productivity, so would it not stand to reason that maintaining a healthy team and company culture, would improve productivity? Would it not stand to reason that creating that healthy culture would directly influence a healthier capital? And would it not then be obvious that making small changes and instituting small challenges among an already competitive team would directly influence better earnings, productivity, and work life as a whole? In essence, by changing the culture surrounding health in your company, you could gain the edge that could set you apart from other market competitors.

On the back end of any business insurance is a substantial cost. Changing culture however, is free. This is the idea behind turning healthy culture into financial capital. By creating a system, or even a challenge, where employees can work to make themselves healthier, they can not only save themselves money in the long term but can directly account for savings in their company as well. And apart from monetary gain, a culture that creates a longer, healthier life also creates a family and community culture that then ripples out and benefits more than just the employee or the employer. Its turning a culture of health into a core curriculum and teaching it from the top down for everyone to see.

In the present day, more and more businesses are turning toward a healthier culture, but what they haven’t realized yet is that we now have a way to turn their culture into capital. The HealthyCapital app analyzes the data that can predict your life expectancy based on life as you currently live. To some this is frightening, the prospect of life being condensed to a number on a screen, but rather than scaring you, it creates a team that sets out to work with you. We want to ensure that whatever life expectancy you have gets longer, that any condition you have gets monitored, and that you are able to live a longer and happier life.

Whether you want to live for family, friends, stocks, bonds or dividends, HealthyCapital is here to help you and your business thrive. Let’s turn culture into capital, and lets start today.