HealthyCapital on: Working out our Wallets

Some call it self-control, others work ethic, but today more than anything, health is how you “treat” yourself both physically and mentally. Now I know what you’re thinking, when I hear ‘treat yourself’ I too think of pastries, cakes or shopping sprees, but in the context of life, longevity, and the pursuit of better retirement funds, what you do now, can really affect how much and how well you’ll be able to “treat” yourself in the future. Today more than ever ‘treating oneself’ isn’t about spending the extra dollar or splurging on the calories, it’s about how we perceive ourselves and how we can turn those perceptions into more confident realities. Capital is created when we use our skills to make money. Healthy capital is created when we realize that health cannot be bought, but that the return can be far more than what we thought we could earn. Which begs the question… if health is wealth, then why aren’t we taught to work out our wallets and build stronger capital? Why is it easier to swipe a credit card than it is to swipe into your gym membership? And why are we so hesitant to treat ourselves right? The answer is simple, it’s gratification.

In an age of social media, the quest for immediate gratification is constantly hindering our ability to be patient with ourselves. On any given day we spend eight times the amount of time on our phones compared to being active or even being with our families. Now to be clear, being active and getting fit do not require a gym membership. Being fit, being active, and more so, being healthy simply means getting your heart rate up, and that can be done anywhere at anytime. So if gratification is what we need then let’s find some, let’s reload our standards, take a step back and swipe up to find out the simple steps you can take to turn Healthy capital, into wealthy capital.

For us, building healthy capital is a way to change up the culture of how and where you work. This doesn’t mean that we will physically change your work place, but rather that we change the mindset of those in it. Culture change comes when multiple people buy into the same idea. By changing the way we treat ourselves, we can also change the way we see and treat those around us and ultimately we take time to take care of you so you can save on co-pays, and doctor visits that cut into time you’d rather spend with friends and family. We found that by helping our consumer make little changes, changes that don’t feel like sacrifices, that they can increase disposable income and live longer and happier lives.

So, what can you do to make these little changes? Well that part is easy. By participating in small life modifications like parking further from the entrance at work, taking the stairs, or even reducing (but not eliminating) the number of alcoholic beverages you have a week, you can immediately affect the way you live your life. Now it is no secret that change is hard. Habits are hard to break and the everyday grind we get ourselves into is one we like to maintain. So, when considering change I developed a moto for myself, ‘it’s not easy, but its worth it.’ When we talk about little changes, about habit breakers, about step goals, and flights climbed, were talking about the potential to affect the way you live your life, but what does that mean? How does a flight of stairs, affect your life? Well I could have asked the same of my mother when she had me eat Brussel sprouts as a child; obviously she would have said… “because they are good for you.” But that wasn’t the point. See I soon realized from starting that habit and eating Brussel sprouts is that I really enjoyed them. My point? As kids were conditioned to believe that anything that is good for us, vegetables, exercise, and even learning certain subjects are a chore. We are pushed to believe that the flight of stairs in front of us or food on our plate is merely a roadblock between us and what we really want.

So let’s start changing that idea of what we do and don’t want. Let’s realize that the green on your plate, gives you more energy to tackle the day, that the more energy you have the more you can take charge of the life around you, and that little victories like walking up stairs or even making your bed in the morning can have a real effect on your confidence.

Let’s realize that ‘treating ourselves’ means building ourselves up and that it’s the little things that make the most difference. So when I say that a flight of stairs, or ten extra steps in the morning can affect the way you live your life, I mean that if you can conquer those stairs and tackle those ten extra steps, then how many other changes can you make to keep on improving?

HealthyCapital merges corporate savings with personal gratification standards allowing a system of mutual winning for both the employee and employer. We give you simple suggestions that keep you healthier and happier. In short, we want to make your life longer and your wallet thicker so you can live your life well. Who doesn’t want that?

Truth is, health doesn’t have to be hard, fitness doesn’t have to be a chore, and living a long happy life doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

In this country we are endowed with the unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, but the right to live a long and healthy life is and always has been universal.

If we start today, with the promise that we will be better and kinder to ourselves, if we start ‘treating ourselves’ rather than giving ourselves treats, and if we start thinking about turning immediate gratification into long term financial gains, then and only then can we truly start turning our health into wealth; and at Healthy Capital, that is what we plan to do.