Summer Lovin’: Health, Wellness, and the “Summer Bod”

An Article for the Every-Body

An exploration of self confidence and stress reduction

The term “Summer body” is one that perpetuates an equal effect of confidence and insecurity for the general public. For young women my age, being fit often loses precedence to being thin, during the months of May to August. The “Summer body” mentality, has thus become an issue of perception, but what if it went deeper than this? The scary truth of the matter is that it does. So I wanted to take a moment to highlight ways that we could feel confident. In essence, let’s make the “Summer body” the every-body.

The Backstory

Every year, in about November, my mother will look at herself in the mirror, and announce, “this is my winter body.” Now keep in mind my mother reads these articles, she is an incredible woman and on most days her “winter body” is not too far off from my “mid-season track body”… so what am I getting at? Well, the way we look at ourselves, whether we think that we are in hibernation, fit, or somewhere in-between, our perception effects the way we treat ourselves.

What to do?

There is a lot of stress that comes to social stigma and appearance. The probability of that stress and natural stresses alike, allow us to be more susceptible to illness.

Think of it this way—there is a direct correlation between males who feel they must suppress their emotions and heart failure. This leads some to assume that the stress associated with bottling up the emotions directly affects heart health and the likelihood one has to experience an attack. Now that being said, preventing a heart attack is not as easy as seeing a therapist or opening up, but if you are someone at risk of a chronic condition, or have a mental illness, like depression, the effects of taking your prescribed medications could make your quality of life much better, allowing you to be less stressed, thus increasing your body’s ability to fight off the bad things that threaten it.

The Moto

HealthyCapital is not about preaching cures to stress [what works for one person may not work for another] but what we can do is give you the kinds of tools to motivate your healthy decisions, which, when paired correctly with doctors’ orders and instructions will help you live a longer and happier life. Here we aren’t about creating the perfect summer bod, but maintaining the healthy figure that makes you feel good and confident.

The Lifestyle

In all seriousness, the ‘summer bod’ is a myth, or at least it should be. Truth is, it always comes back to how you feel. If  you want to be the most fit person in the room, that is great. But if you want to walk into a room feeling attractive and confident and stress free, well that starts as simply as taking care of yourself. I can’t tell you all that I am where I personally want to be physically, but at the end of the day I cannot be mad, because I continue to put the work in. Results come slow, but being the best you can be isn’t about reaching for someone else’s standards or someone else’s “Summer Bod” it’s simply about being you, and even if that is the most difficult challenge of all. You can do it.