Improving Health. Increasing Wealth.

HealthyCapital can help organizations stand out with its newest, cutting-edge offering – an unparalleled wellness program that effectively integrates personal health and financial wealth into one simple methodology, which can reduce healthcare costs for all stakeholders.

Our approach provides:

  • A one-stop shop for health and wealth improvements
    • A key differentiator in the marketplace
  • Plan-sponsors with access to an administrative dashboard
    • Includes an accurate profile of all participants’ healthcare claims data
  • A selling vehicle for health savings accounts (HSAs)
  • A revenue-sharing opportunity

Data Aggregation Dashboard

HealthyCapital offers plan sponsors access to an administrative dashboard that tracks participant usage and performance over time. Trends and critical information can be viewed in the form of graphs, charts, and tables detailing trends and improvements associated with participation in the HealthyCapital program. Administrators can utilize this information to make adjustments that will keep their wellness programs dynamic, effective, and rewarding.

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