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Less Employee Cost + More Retirement Savings

HealthyCapital gives employers the ability to help employees reduce medical expenditures, become healthier, and use the additional disposable income for retirement.

As employees become healthier, companies will experience:

  • A considerable reduction in medical-related outlays
  • A noticeable decrease in sick days
  • An increase in productivity and morale
  • A workforce that is better prepared for retirement

With virtual health coaching (via text) and direct access to investment products, this simple and intuitive application can be added to an organization’s existing suite of wellness programs.

HealthyCapital believes that informing employees about future healthcare costs will result in more permanent lifestyle changes, which will reduce employee medical expenditures now and in the future.  (Also, those who consistently invest their out-of-pocket savings will help diminish the burden of rising healthcare costs in retirement.)

Here is a simple example:  based on current statistics, in a company with 2,000 employees, 186 (on average) will have Type 2 Diabetes.  The employer will pay approximately $9,935 annually to subsidize each diabetic employee’s medical care. If HealthyCapital’s wellness initiatives result in a modest 20% reduction in healthcare outlays through proper condition management,  the company can expect to reduce medical expenses by $1,995 annually per employee, generating  a savings of $370,000 per year from those suffering from diabetes alone.

Applying this approach to all employees with chronic conditions could save companies millions of dollars in annual medical expenses.

Employees are able to access the application through their mobile devices or directly from their companies’ intranet resource as part of a new and innovative wellness initiative.  This important information will help motivate participants to adopt positive lifestyle changes, monitor health-related savings, and invest for retirement.

With a desktop version of the application, a firm’s management team can measure healthcare improvements and aggregate savings throughout the entire employee database.

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Data and Approach

HealthyCapital’s physician- and actuary-reviewed approach draws upon 70 million medical cases; government and economic data; HealthView Services’ decade of experience in healthcare cost projections, and Mercy’s extensive experience in population health management to provide accurate healthcare cost information for specific chronic conditions. With a few simple individual and family health inputs, the platform projects longevity, medical expenses, and the potential savings that can be gained through adherence to behavior modifications.

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