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HealthyCapital strives to be recognized as a leader in disseminating critical healthcare cost information to individuals, both before and during retirement.  More importantly, we also illustrate how to people can reduce medical expenses and successfully save for long-term goals through simple behavior modifications.

At the core of that ethos, HealthyCapital’s mission is to help people become healthier and more financially prepared for the future. The resources below provide a small sample of the data analysis that we have used to improve the financial and healthcare industries – one individual employee at a time.

HealthView Services and Mercy Launch Joint Venture Company HealthyCapital

HealthyCapital provides health care cost savings and life expectancy data from improved condition management to incentivize healthier behaviors and encourage retirement savings. New White Paper reveals potential for lower health care expenses for individuals and employers and longevity increases for Americans with chronic conditions, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, Type 2 diabetes, obesity and tobacco use.