Stealthy workouts you can do anywhere by Rachel L. MacKelcan

Stealthy workouts you can do anywhere

Last week we pinpointed resources you can use to be physically healthy by taking care of your mental health. This week we are going to give you some things you can try while being stealthy and sitting down.

Whether it be at work, at home or in...

The Key to Being Healthier by Rachel L. MacKelcan

Hint: it’s not what you think

So, at HealthyCapital we talk quite a bit about condition management – looking at five specific conditions including: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and tobacco use. But a key condition of being healthy – and...

A Bucket (list) Half Full by Rachel L. MacKelcan

Accessible to all

As our summer or summer months draw to a close; there is no better time to do one more bucket list item, volunteering. Among us – 50% have a health condition which makes it hard for some to get involved. Luckily, perfect health is not a condition of getting involv...

The Summer Concert Effect: How Music could be the Key to Longevity by Rachel L. MacKelcan

The Summer Concert Effect: How Music could be the Key to Longevity

Medically, music has proven to assist with pain management, mental health improvement and so much more. What I have realized about working out – is that it the stigma itself weighs more than the weight we lift. In t...

An Open Letter to My Health – With Love the Perscription You Stopped Taking by Rachel L. MacKelcan

When some of us stop taking medicine, it’s because we don’t believe in it anymore. We think that it did its job, served its purpose, and that we got better. In all honesty, six months is a long time to keep up with something. Six months is over one hundred and fifty days of non-stop dedication and, personally, I know how much life can change in that time. But it doesn’t have to. If the average person gives up taking a medication in six months what is their real reasoning?

How adding Patience to your End of Summer Wish List Could Keep you Wishing (and living) Longer by Rachel L. MacKelcan

Last week we talked about “Getting your Baaaaahk into it: How Goat Yoga could help you save on Long term Healthcare Costs”. In that blog, I mentioned that it would be part one of four regarding our end of summer bucket list. For a lot of us, however, we didn’t really have a summer, we’ve just been lucky enough to avoid the sweltering heat from our air-conditioned offices and cubicles. But just because we haven’t soaked up all the summer sun, doesn’t mean we don’t want to take a day for ourselves between now and Labor Day.

Getting your Baaaaahk into it: How Goat Yoga could help you save on Long term Healthcare Costs by Rachel L. MacKelcan

I saw it on the ‘Gram’ (Instagram)

A couple weeks ago, a picture on my feed caught my eye. A friend and former classmate was posed in a plank position with a goat… yes a goat, standing on his back. “The caption read, 10/10 would recommend goat yoga #brothers.” and...

Summer Lovin’: Health, Wellness, and the “Summer Bod” by Rachel L. MacKelcan

An Article for the Every-Body

An exploration of self confidence and stress reduction

The term “Summer body” is one that perpetuates an equal effect of confidence and insecurity for the general public. For young women my age, being fit often loses precedence to being ...

Fear and Foresight: The Frightening Truth about Cognative Decline by Robert Powell

Your worry is real

I don’t know about you, but I worry quite a bit about cognitive decline. Part of this worry is an occupational hazard. I eat, breath, sleep all things retirement. That means I read quite about cognitive decline and I worry whenever it feels like my “processing speed” s...

Mid-Summers Night Daydreams: Envisioning what YOU could do with your Disposable Income (pt 1. a college perpective) by Rachel L. MacKelcan

In A Cinderella Story, Hillary Duff (Sam) tells Chad Michael Murray (Austin) “Waiting for you is like waiting for rain in this drought – useless and disappointing” and in many ways, I feel the same way about saving; because when my friend asks me what I want to do when I re...