One Team – One Dream : Trusting the Process

There is an African proverb that, when translated, loosely reads: “if you want to run fast, run alone. If you want to run far, run together.” across all nationalities, creeds, races, and genders the idea of teamwork, and the idea of living in the company of those we hold closest is paramount to almost every other natural desire. The connections we develop through the lives we live soon become a determinant factor in who we are and how we strive to grow. Like money, people inspire us, but with that inspiration comes the need for trust. Trust in each other, and trust in the processes we follow to achieve our goals.

Used commonly in athletics and goal setting alike, the phrase: “Trust the Process” is one that inspires participants to place their trust in something that is out of their control. As an athlete for most of my life, and a stubborn one at that, I can speak to the true ideals in ‘trusting the process.’ For me, trusting the process has meant buying into the teachings of my coaches and the workouts they give me, reluctantly believing that the exercises from my doctors will heal me, and that the passion of my teammates will continue to inspire me through it all. As a result, this process has instilled gratitude in the long-term effects of continuous short-term goals and allowed me to motivate myself and others to do things we have never thought possible.

HealthyCapital derives a process in a similar way, stating that, by following the instructions of your doctors, you can not only decrease the money you spend on medical expenses, but you can also extend your life by making healthier choices. With this, HealthyCapital creates a unique paradigm shift. It promotes a mutually beneficial system that proves that teamwork truly does make the dream work and allows members to buy into the system by trusting that the process of following a doctor’s suggestions will make you and your wallet healthier.

Now I will be honest, during my life and during my athletic career, my greatest difficulty has been trusting the process as it pertains to the instructions of my doctors. Eager to push through injuries, to keep moving forward, to not lose productivity, I have made the error time and time again of ignoring what is right in order to do what I want. In this way I was running fast, rather than far, and the last thing it was allowing me to do, was go the distance I wanted and needed to go. It was from this that I realized how much I needed to re-join my team or, in this case, buy into HealthyCapital.

As a writer, I never thought I would be working in a financial company and more so, I thought I had another dozen years to learn what a 401K was. But my life process has led me to this place, this moment, and this mindset, and I have no other choice than to believe that this is where I am meant to be.

It is no secret that the future scares me, but as I stand now, I am chasing my demons down and trusting that I have the strength to push them back as I move forward. No one truly knows where they will be in ten, twenty, or thirty years, but by trusting the process, by trusting something greater than myself, I know I will have the time and the resources to get myself there.