Stealthy workouts you can do anywhere

Stealthy workouts you can do anywhere

Last week we pinpointed resources you can use to be physically healthy by taking care of your mental health. This week we are going to give you some things you can try while being stealthy and sitting down.

Whether it be at work, at home or in the car – we spend a lot of time sitting. In fact, according to the Washington Post, the average person working in an office sits for ten hours a day! Now, when you factor in the eight hours or so you sleep – that only leaves a possible six hours of activity – and while six hours sounds like a lot, this time spent on your feet is a major reason you are still healthy.
When we consider prolonged sitting –

here are some things we should know.

1. It is dangerous.
2. It can cause serious medical conditions. (Diabetes, Heart Disease, Obesity etc.)
3. Sitting is worse for your health than smoking (according to some studies)

It’s important to note that sitting is not the only thing preventing you from being healthy. But, in the long term, sitting for prolonged periods does have adverse effects. So what can we do to combat this? Well the obvious answer is that we can start standing more. The article articulates that one should try to start with standing while you work – starting with two hours and working up to four. For some of us however, this is unrealistic. Acknowledging that some factors may limit us from reaching this goal [ factors ranging from not having the proper work materials to having limited movement may keep you from trying this technique out.

For those unable to stand at work there are other ways that you can discretely work out. Some simple exercises include stretches, but if you wanted to challenge yourself you could also do things like toe taps and leg raises.

The workouts above range in difficulty, but the main purpose of them is to get you out of the stationary position you typically find yourself in. For me, the hardest thing about stealth workouts is  the potential for embarrassment or getting caught. For me fitness has always played a role in my life – but it hasn’t ever played a role at work. By merging the two worlds I have noticed increased benefits to movement – I.e. I have more natural energy, I am more alert and I notice a better aptitude for creativity.

Now I get it – working out at work is sweaty business [ew].

So if you don’t feel comfortable doing a quick stretch at the desk then maybe you could do some stealthy work at home.

At the end of the day, your health is important – both to you and to us. Doing what you can to stay healthy and productive pays off just as much as your day job does – make sure you are paying attention to both. And if you want to see more workouts or see what kind of adventures me and my team go on to stay healthy, follow @TheCrossroadsHC on twitter or check out our company Pinterest for workouts recipes and more.