HealthyCapital allows financial institutions, plan sponsors, and various types of wellness programs to provide participants with comprehensive behavior modification solutions.  Through guided and personalized wellness initiatives, the platform shows individuals how making healthy choices translates into immediate out-of-pocket savings, which can be then invested into various financial programs.  The application also illustrates how companies can substantially reduce medical-related expenditures through a healthier workforce.

Learn more about how HealthyCapital can help you support yourself, your members, or your employees.

Financial Institutions

HealthyCapital gives financial institutions the ability to effortlessly assist their plan participants in planning more accurately for healthcare costs in retirement through wellness education.

Plan Sponsors

HealthyCapital gives employers the ability to help their employees reduce their healthcare expenditures by becoming healthier and use their additional disposable Income to save more towards their retirement.

Wellness Programs

HealthyCapital provides an offering for the customers of wellness programs that provides simple steps towards healthcare savings through health plan adherence.