Financial Institutions

Improving Health. Increasing Wealth.

HealthyCapital can help companies stand out as client-focused and technologically savvy by reducing medical-related expenditures. The program also allows employees to increase their investment contributions with one simple click, so they can feel personally responsible for creating a healthier and more financially stable retirement.

Our approach provides:

  • An opportunity to increase assets under management
  • Greater participation and contributions
  • A path for individuals to lower their healthcare costs
    • All (or some) of those savings can be allocated to their investment plans
  • More traffic to a financial institution’s portal
    • There is a direct connection between the app and the portal, so individuals can increase contributions quickly, easily, and at their convenience
  • Increased market penetration
    • This unique program appeals to existing and prospective plan sponsors, which will elevate participating institutions within the marketplace.
  • A revenue-sharing opportunity

Data Aggregation Dashboard

HealthyCapital offers plan sponsors access to an administrative dashboard that tracks participant usage and performance over time. Trends and critical information can be viewed in the form of graphs, charts, and tables detailing trends and improvements associated with participation in the HealthyCapital program. Administrators can utilize this information to make adjustments that will keep their wellness programs dynamic, effective, and rewarding.

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