Wellness Programs

Improving Health. Increasing Wealth.

With the current emphasis on financial wellness throughout the wellness program industry, HealthyCapital is the optimal place to start. Created in part by HealthView Services, the leading provider of retirement healthcare data to financial-service firms, HealthyCapital has the background and expertise to add an effective, interactive, and personalized financial experience to any organization’s current platform.

Our approach provides:

  • A unique differentiator into any current program
    • An out-of-the-box API that offers a simple solution to financial wellness integration
  • The ability to utilize the leading provider of healthcare data to:
    • Provide accurate healthcare cost information to individuals
    • Illustrate and project how healthy behaviors increase savings and life-expectancy

Data Aggregation Dashboard

HealthyCapital offers plan sponsors access to an administrative dashboard that tracks participant usage and performance over time. Trends and critical information can be viewed in the form of graphs, charts, and tables detailing trends and improvements associated with participation in the HealthyCapital program. Administrators can utilize this information to make adjustments that will keep their wellness programs dynamic, effective, and rewarding.

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